Midas Safety Window Film: Uncompromised Strength, Enhanced Security

Fortified Window Film Protection for Buildings and Vehicles

Midas Safety and security Window Film offers robust security solutions for both architectural and automotive applications. Our safety films are engineered to reinforce glass surfaces, protecting against break-ins, accidents, and natural disasters. They provide a durable barrier that enhances safety and reduces the risk of injury from shattered glass, ensuring peace of mind for property and vehicle owners.

safety window FILM PRODUCT RANGE

Offer your clients Safety Window Film Protection for all types of windows on vehicles, buildings, equipment and more.


Midas Clear Safety Films 4 - 21-mil

Clear Safety Films 4 – 21-mil

  • 2 mil Clear
  • 4 mil Clear Mitsubishi
  • 4 mil Clear DuPond
  • 7 mil Clear Mitsubishi
  • 7 mil Clear DuPond
  • 8 mil Clear DuPond
  • 8 mil Clear Mitsubishi
  • 11 mil Clear DuPond
  • 21 mil Clear DuPond


Add protection to your glass in addition to solar benefits. When struck by an object, the glass will remain intact on the applied film and save you the mess and danger of shattered pieces everywhere. In addition, anyone trying to break through the glass will not be able to penetrate the thick, durable film

Dye and Metallic

Midas Clear Safety Films (5%, 20%, 35%, 50%) Visible Light Transmission (VLT), Non-Metallic (NM)

  • 4 mil Charcoal Series Mitsubishi
  • 4 mil Charcoal Series DuPond
  • 7 mil Charcoal Series Mitsubishi
  • 7 mil Charcoal Series DuPond
  • 8 mil Charcoal Series Mitsubishi
  • 12 mil Charcoal Series Mitsubishi


Midas Ceramic Safety Films 4 mil (66 - 90%)

  • 4 mil Onyx Series IRR up to 90% Mitsubishi Series
  • 4 mil 20 Charcoal IRP DuPont Polyester IRR up to 66%
  • 4 mil 35 Everest IRR up to 66%
  • 4 mil 15% sub-zero IRR DuPont Polyester up to 90%


Midas Charcoal Non-reflective Safety Films. 4 - 7 mil (5 - 50%)

  • 4 mil
  • 7 mil

Films are available in a variety of densities from 5% limo to a 50% on front side windows. This provides a choice that will let you comply with any law while giving an outstanding appearance and performance.


Midas Exterior Clear Safety Film

Keep your home or business safe from graffiti. Anti-Graffiti films is a specially formulated, clear polyester, multi-ply coating laminate that adheres directly to your windows to help protect from painting/etching on the glass.


Midas Silver Metallic Safety Films (4 - 8 mil)

  • 4 mil 20 Silver
  • 8 mil 20 Silver

Designed for maximum heat rejection, Silver is a perfect solution for commercial buildings that receive an excessive amount of solar exposure. Its aluminum, metallic construction provides the comfort and protection needed while reducing the sun’s glare that causes unwelcome eyestrain. Available in 4 or 8 mil.

Midas SAFETY film Features & Benefits

Impact Resistance: Strengthens glass to withstand impact from break-ins, severe weather, and accidents, reducing the likelihood of shattering.

Shatter Protection: Holds shattered glass together, minimizing injury risks and preventing debris from spreading.

UV Blockage: Filters out up to 99% of harmful UV rays, protecting interiors from fading and occupants from UV exposure.

Optical Clarity: Maintains excellent visibility and appearance, blending seamlessly with existing glass.

Heat Rejection: Reduces heat buildup, improving comfort and energy efficiency in vehicles and buildings. Scratch Resistance: Features a durable, scratch-resistant coating that ensures long-lasting performance and clarity.

Versatile Application

deal for retrofitting vehicles, homes, offices, and commercial buildings, providing a wide range of protective solutions.

Easy Installation

Designed for smooth, bubble-free application with excellent adherence to glass surfaces.

Installer Support

Access to installation guides, training, and support service to assist you with any challenges.

Enhanced Service Portfolio

Enables installers to offer advanced safety solutions that meet the growing demand for security and energy efficiency.

Why Installers Choose Midas SAFETY film